For Climate Story for Climate Action Now, in Reaction to the Climate Crisis 2022

Join my journey as I build a huge cardboard sculpture, a way to express my fears and concerns about Global Warming, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis; to raise my voice about the lack of urgency and commitment to take Climate Action Now, by corporations, industry and our Governments, through Activism. Art + Activism.

Why I want to take Climate Action Now!

In this segment I discuss my dismay how we have ended up in this state of Climate Emergency. How I was feeling useless, lost in the science, the misinformation, the denialists and propaganda. And although I believed I was doing my part (recycling rubbish, using public transport etc), like so many others I had comfortably fallen into becoming an in activist. And unknowingly, I was delaying ion taking any real meaningful action for Climate Action Now! But then one day I had a conversation and it changed everything.

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