Is Climate Change Real? Need an answer in less than 2 minutes? Then here you go! This is the basis of the Climate Change Science we all must know about the Climate Crisis 2022.

How do we know Climate Change is real? Scientist, Climate Experts and Researches and Governments around the world all agree that Climate Change is real. And it is happening right now and the cause of our Climate Crisis. In this Climate Brief, I look at the CO2 emissions charted from thousands of years to see how we know that human activity, and therefore the increased production of CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases are the cause of Global Warming and the Climate Change.

This is the ongoing series of My Climate Story, a part of Gregg The Artivist series where I am advocating for Climate Action Now through Artivism. I create art in reaction to increased emissions and greenhouse gas causing Global Warming, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis 2022; Through policy change by our governments, significant changes in industry and making our own lifestyle changes.

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