So What is Climate Change? What is Global Warming? And what basic science should be all know about the Climate Crisis 2022

What is climate change?

We care about the Climate Change and the current state of the Climate Crisis. We want to take Climate Action Now but it’s fair to also say, we want to know what we can expect our future will look like due to the effects of Climate Change, and how we can mitigate and adapt the effects of the Climate Crisis.

In this episode, it’s my aim to provide us with a simple, no nonsense and clear understanding of the basic facts we need to know about the Climate Science behind the Climate Change and Climate Crisis. Using the confirmed science of the IPCC reports.

Join my journey as I build a huge cardboard sculpture, a way to express my fears and concerns about Global Warming, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis; to raise my voice about the lack of urgency and commitment to take Climate Action, by corporations, industry and our Governments, through Activism. Art + Activism.

This is the ongoing series of My Climate Story, a part of Gregg The Artivist series where I am advocating for Climate Action Now through Artivism. I create art in reaction to increased emissions and greenhouse gas causing Global Warming, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis 2022; Through policy change by our governments, significant changes in industry and making our own lifestyle changes.

Video Chapters (links take you to YouTube)

0:00 Introduction to Climate Science

01:30 Opening Titles

01:55 Basic Science of Climate Change

04:45 Greenhouse Gases

07:25 The Greenhouse Effect

08:47 Climate Language

09:45 IPCC

14:52 The IPCC Report

20:36 Education of Climate Crisis

22:54 Reflection and Dutch Farmers

28:36 Wrap

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Education and the Climate Crisis:

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This week I look at the basic Climate Science of what is Greenhouse Gases, what is Global Warming and what and how they effect Climate Change, the Climate Crisis and our evolving language to Climate Emergency.

What are Greenhouse Gases?

I take a look at what are the greenhouse gases, where they come from naturally, unnaturally, and what impact they have on Global Warming.

What is Global Warming?

I look at what is Global Warming. How it works naturally and why that is important, to how human activity is increasing the planets temperature.

What is Climate Change?

I define the meaning of climate change and how this is impacting the Climate Crisis.

What is the Climate Language we use?

I look at the evolving Climate Language we use as we get closer to the 2030 deadline to make significant changes to reduce emissions and the impact of the Climate Change and Climate Crisis.

IPCC ( Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

I question who are the IPCC, what are they important and how can we trust them?

Dutch Farmers

I look locally at the impact significant climate changes to policy is having on the Dutch Farmers. And how this could happen across the world.

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