In a year of Climate Change focus for us all. This year, I wanted to take time out to reflect and appreciate the successes of Gregg The Artivist in 2022. All made possible with your support! From creating art, into the world of Artivism and evolving to climate change discussions.

I can’t believe its just days away until the end of the year again! And it seems to have gone just like this!But I hoping that you’ll indulge me, just one last time, in my last video this year as a thank you to you.

You know, Around two and half years ago, I set up an instagram account and invited people to join me on my journey to self discovery through art. And as many of you will know, this was me starting to re-enter into the world as part of my recovery from my severe burnout the previous year. 

And all I can say is, what an incredible journey it has been.

For those of you with me since the beginning, you would have seen me jumping from one project to the next project, from stating to draw again, to reflective art, to multimedia art examining my dreams, to entering the world of artivism with the launch of this channel, Gregg The Artivist back in April this year, to have a platform to voice my concerns about injustice about the climate crisis through art.

And the channel evolving still, into climate based discussions that you see today.

And as unclear as this path on this journey may have been at times, for both you and me, And I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me ‘hey Gregg, how the world did you go from this to doing that?’, you have stayed loyal and supportive and encourage me consistently along the way.

And you know, one of my old behaviours in my past career, which seems like a life time ago now, and I guess its probably the same for many people, is to run on that career treadmill non-stop, going from task to task, project to project without really taking the time to step back, to reflect, and to process and to appreciate our achievements, and how far we have come. So, to avoid falling into that trap again, that’s exactly what I have been doling the last few days.

Gregg the Artivist has achieved some amazing milestones these last few months. And as excited as I have been about them, I haven’t had the chance to kinda stop, reflect and celebrate them with you.

You know, in the last 9 months since starting the channel, the community here is nearly 1600 people strong, there is over 120 videos and shorts which have been viewed over 100,000 times. The channel has had over 35,000 like, shares and comments combined. And there has been more than 350,000 minutes of watch time. Its insane and its amazing!

And these are unexpected and incredible achievements just simply, would not have happened without your support. But the story doesn’t end there.

Just to share a little bit about my plans for the new year.

In 2023 I plan to take it up a notch again by officially becoming a full time content creator right here on YouTube. With a new refine format for the episodes. Clear and focused on climate change. Meeting and interviewing many more inspiring everyday people, who are facing these incredible opportunities our changing climate is presenting, and who are meeting these challenges to create a better future for all.

And with the successes in the achievements of this year with the channel, it has allowed Gregg The Artivist to be accepted into the YouTube partnership programme which means, I can now earn money from donations made from people watching the videos by using the thanks button, or who use the super thanks, and by revenue sharing with YouTube advertising. Now to be honest I don’t have millions of followers and millions of views, so this certainly isn’t going to be enough to earn a living wage. But as the channel is entirely self funded, ever little helps, as some compensation particularly while I look for a channel sponsor to keep the channel, and me, up and running.

But to wrap it up,

I just wanted say… please take some time out yourself this festive season, to reflect and appreciate your successes in 2022, including those in supporting me in achieving mine. I am deeply appreciative to each and everyone of you. And I would like to wish everyone a very merry festive season, and a healthy, safe and happy start to 2023!

I really look forward to you joining me back here in 2023, and watching the channel as it continues to evolve.

So, take care everyone, thank you so much for this year and enjoy the festive season!

If you liked this video, be sure to check out my video ‘Do Our Youth Really Care About The Climate Crisis?’

Click on link here to see the episode.

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