So What is Climate Change? What is Global Warming? And what basic science should be all know about the Climate Crisis 2022

This week I travel down a research rabbit hole from trying to understand why there is a lack of climate science about climate change in our media. Here on I discover Climate Anxiety and this has me thinking, if we are not taking action due to Climate Anxiety, and not learning climate science due to our Climate Anxiety, then how are our kids being taught about the Climate Crisis?

Climate Change and My Story

This is the ongoing series of My Climate Story, a part of Gregg The Artivist series where I am advocating for Climate Action Now through Artivism. I create art in reaction to increased emissions and greenhouse gas causing Global Warming, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis 2022; Through policy change by our governments, significant changes in industry and making our own lifestyle changes.

Video Chapters (links take you to YouTube)

0:00 Introduction to Episode 05

1:20 Opening Titles

1:46 Down the Climate Crisis research rabbit hole

5:25 Discussion with Derrick De Ruiter

28:18 Reflections

30:06 Wrapping up

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This week I speak with Derrick de Ruiter, the Geography and Human Sciences teacher at the European School The Hague, Netherlands.

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