Through Artivism, for Climate Action Now, I am creating a huge cardboard sculpture, in reaction to Global Warming, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis.

This week is all about the building of the cardboard sculpture. I start building the head of the dagger that pins down the other identity into the columns. Its a huge task ahead! From drawing the profiles of the faces that represent the Meat, Fishing and Fossil Fuels industries. Creating a test with paper. Bringing. this into 3D software to model the whole head. Then to draw and cut hundreds of cardboard pieces spanning a couple of weeks to build the head

Cardboard Sculpture Video Chapters

0:00 Intro and opening credits

0:35 Planning the build

1:59 Drawing the profiles

3:21 Building the paper mask

5:42 Finishing the profiles

6:31 3D modelling the mask

8:53 3D modelling the head

11:54 Building the head

14:42 Wrapping up the episode

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